The Digital Transformation process entails mapping the audience minds with your brand, offerings, services and all else in between. It has many layers that need to be peeled slowly and expertly.

With the digital revolution accelerated in recent times, there's only one universal address your customers are looking for: your website. It is your company's spokesperson as well as salesperson - your single most recognizable and widespread marketing identity. Combine that with a skillful digital strategy, and you get a brand presence that's unmatched.

Responsive wbesites

We've been developing and perfecting responsive web solutions for several years now. Our goal is to deliver a smooth and consistent experience across desktop and mobile devices. We work hard to be pioneers in the world of web design and development. That means keeping ourselves abreast of the latest trends and technology, and pitching innovative features to our clients based on their industry and unique needs.

How We Work

Branding and strategic thinking

Much before we write a single line of code or create a layout, we devise a complete strategy for your website, keeping your target audience in mind. This ensures the look and feel, and messaging stay consistent and true to your brand identity.

Content writing

Our content team captures the essence of your brand and the products or services you offer. Based on it, we craft effective communication that captivates and converts your site's visitors. We put ourselves in your readers' shoes, connecting with them through empathy.

Creative web designing

Our web design projects are directly supervised by our senior creative team. This includes a Creative Director, Art Director, and a Copywriter, with over 30 years of combined experience. We also take inputs from a digital marketing expert to ensure form follows function.

Coding and technology

Our developers are up to date with the latest in technology for desktop and mobile-friendly websites. Always mindful of the end user experience and ease of navigation, they ensure that the website is engaging, and secure - on par with the best.

Website marketing

With search engine algorithms constantly evolving, we ensure your website performs well in rankings and on social media by keeping our SEO knowledge up to date. We go through the entire optimization cycle - technical, on-page, off-page, and local SEO.

Website maintenance

It's not enough to rank high on search engine results pages. We know how important it is to maintain those SEO rankings. Our team leverages analytics to gain deeper insights into your web traffic and bring regular improvements, be it in content, design, or technology.

digirtal marketing

Turning a regular website into an effective marketing tool is a methodical process based on years of experience. We help plan and execute your inbound digital marketing strategy to ensure it delivers on your goals. We begin by learning about your customers and industry. We listen carefully to your ideas and evaluate which channels can execute them efficiently.

From ensuring the design is aesthetic and functional, optimizing the pages for search engines, preparing a content marketing strategy, to leveraging analytics, integrating social media, and nurturing the leads generated, we've got all the stages clearly mapped out.

email sms marketing

Email marketing still has one of the highest ROIs, and when combined with SMS, it can be a powerful channel to market your products and services. With users checking their mobile phones multiple times during the day, Emails and SMS have high visibility.

Add to that, the ease of targeting it offers, you appreciate why Email marketing is vital to any marketing strategy. The key is to take advantage of tools like list segmentation, personalization of messages, automation and scheduling, to maximize the results of your campaign.

By handing over these activities to an expert, you can rest easy while we take care of every step:

content marketing

Grab your customers' attention with the right content delivered to the right place, at the right time.

If you're looking for the right words, photos, graphics or videos, look no further. With the help of user surveys, competition research, and analytics on your current site, we help deliver content with a strategy that completely engages your customers. This includes using inbound marketing to drive traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

That's not all; we also help you build a content marketing calendar, analyze the outcomes, evaluate the performance, and choose which content to amplify in order to maximize ROI. We ensure content, of all kind, is working in your favor.


seo marketing

With experience and expertise in creating and expanding the digital footprint for many products and brands across the globe, the team at MuseComm thrives in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and SMM (Social Media Marketing). We strategize, plan a budget, set up the campaign, execute, optimize, hit the target, optimize again, cross the target. This is a daily practice at MuseComm.

What happens behind the scenes is a flurry of activity - optimizing campaign pages, researching keywords, running paid ads, posting relevant content on social media with links to your landing page or website, and constantly reviewing the overall performance.

If longevity is any indicator, we have clients running SEM and SMM campaigns with us for close to 10 years, continuously. Such is the response they have been receiving.

Our Works

We've created custom landing pages, social media communication

and emailers that attract, inform, engage and build relationships.