9 steps to effective written communication

Discover a handy copy-editing checklist

Effective written communication is about organizing your thoughts, and paying attention to the choice of words and punctuation, while avoiding redundant usage. Keep this checklist handy when you’re editing your writing.

Structure the content

1Check for opening hook, main points, and a closing call to action

2Vary the sentence length/ rhythm to maintain the reader’s interest

3Simplify compound sentences and multiple clauses

Improve word usage

4Replace dull verbs and adverbs with strong verbs

5Use the affirmative form for common negatives like ‘not’

6Find alternative words rather than using modifiers like ‘very’

Remove redundancies

7Restrict the number of prepositions in a sentence

8Avoid extra punctuation, instead start a new sentence

9Skip filler words such as ‘just’, ‘really’, ‘actually’

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