15 digital marketing acronyms everyone should know

It’s time to learn what these commonly-used terms mean

Digital marketing, and specifically online advertising has a lot of terms that tend to confuse us. We’ve handpicked 15 acronyms that are most frequently used by marketers. Skim through for a quick and useful read.

Parameters that foretell chances of success

1KPI: Key Performance Indicator

  • Metric used to measure progress towards marketing goals

2BR: Bounce Rate

  • Percentage of website visitors who leave without clicking anywhere

3UVP: Unique Value Proposition

  • The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or what differentiates your product

Parameters that foretell chances of success

4CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions

  • The charge for every 1,000 times your ad is viewed/ loaded on a page

5PPC: Pay Per Click

  • Advertising model where you pay a fee every time one of your ads is clicked on

6CPC: Cost Per Click

  • Amount spent for each click on your ad in a PPC campaign

Online advertising pricing models

7CPI: Cost Per Install

  • The rate charged for acquiring new users through app installations

8CPA: Cost Per Acquisition

  • Advertising model that charges for a predefined action such as impression, click, sale

9RTB: Real Time Bidding

  • Automated auction for the purchase of unsold inventory ( ad impressions)

Ways to engage leads and measure conversion

10CTA: Call To Action

  • Next steps (such as Learn More) for users who see your ad, or visitors to your website

11CTR: Click-Through Rate

  • Percentage of the audience who click and proceed from one stage of your campaign to the next

12PPV: Pay Per View

  • Model that charges for your ad being 100 percent visible on a page for a specified duration

Methods to increase traffic to your website

13SERP: Search Engine Results Page

  • Web page that displays the results of your query based on the search algorithm

14SEO: Search Engine Optimization

  • Techniques that help improve your organic page ranking in SERPs

15SEM: Search Engine Marketing

  • Paid ads that increase visibility in SERPs based on search keywords

The list is by no means exhaustive, there’s always more to learn.

New tools, metrics, and models are getting added each day. While it is impossible to keep track of them all, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basics in order to make an informed choice for your organization when you are outsourcing digital marketing.

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