Email Marketing has one of the highest ROIs of $42 for every $1 spent

Find out why this marketing strategy is still so effective

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for engaging with prospective customers, selling your products and services, and growing your brand. Keep reading to discover why it has such a high ROI.

Email is a highly visible and accessible platform which offers easy targeting

92% of internet users use at least one email account

91% of users check their emails at least once a day

72% of consumers prefer email as a medium for promotions

Increase the effectiveness of your Email campaign


  • Optimize subject lines – no more than 41 characters or 7 words
  • Make the preheader text (first line of email body) interesting enough
  • Create special interest groups and send personalized messages
  • Leverage responsive email design for mobile optimization

Increase the effectiveness of your Email campaign


  • Avoid bombarding the recipient with frequent emails
  • Limit excessive use of images to ensure quicker loading
  • Keep away from generic content targeted at no one
  • Don’t forget to add a relevant call to action

What are the tools marketers look for in an Email solution?

  • Email list segmentation, upload and maintenance
  • Email automation and scheduling based on specified rules
  • Custom reports with feedback on delivered and opened

Do not forget the importance of Unsubscribe and Privacy laws

  • Make it easy for users to opt-out of your mailing list
  • Have a simple confirmation page with option for user feedback
  • Provide links to social media channels in case they wish to follow
  • Allow users to update their email preferences along with unsubscribe

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