5 steps for a productive Work-From-Home experience with Microsoft Teams

Read about the best practices, etiquette, tips and tricks.

Microsoft Teams has become the de facto workplace for many of us since 2020. While we’ve got the hang of it by now, a few simple tips and basic etiquette can not only improve productivity, but also make it a much smoother experience for all.

1Respect your virtual workplace and be mindful of the surroundings

  • Dress appropriately for work mode
  • Avoid sitting with your back facing the light/window
  • Keep your desk tidy and background professional

2Be empathetic to your colleagues and help them manage work better

  • Check their availability status when reaching out
  • Send a quick chat before calling someone
  • Respond to red alerts in Activity/Chat/Teams menus
  • Set an 'Out of Office' message to keep others informed

3Improve the Teams meeting experience with basic etiquette

  • Use a headset with mic as far as possible
  • Mute yourself when you’re not speaking
  • Avoid talking over others/use the raise hand feature
  • Only record relevant parts of the meeting, after informing others

4Tips and tricks to boost productivity

  • Give a relevant project name to private chat groups to find them easily
  • Use an appropriate file name and version when sharing files
  • Make use of @mention when necessary to get someone’s attention
  • Utilize priority notifications (‘!’ in text toolbar) for urgent messages

5Get the most out of Microsoft Teams

  • Enable noise suppression: Go to Settings -> Devices -> Noise suppression
  • Blur your background if it is distracting: Click the Ellipsis icon -> Blur my background
  • Install the mobile app to stay on top of notifications: Available on App Store/ Play Store/ Microsoft Store

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