68% of users watched YouTube videos to arrive at a purchase decision

Does your brand have a YouTube channel?

YouTube is a versatile marketing channel with over 2 billion monthly logged-in users. This platform can help drive traffic, generate leads, bring in revenue, and gain users’ trust. Read all about the benefits of having a YouTube channel.

Long-term exposure for your brand

  • Sustained visibility for content as new and targeted users keep finding it
  • Optimized videos get discovered easily on both YouTube and Google Search
  • Over a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day

Plenty of lead generation strategies

  • CTA in the videos directing users to your website/products
  • Landing page link in the channel description
  • Comments section to engage with subscribers
  • Influencer marketing and paid ads

Opportunities to build users’ trust

  • Viewers can discern which brands and content are authentic
  • Gain credibility through explainer videos and customer testimonials
  • Information sourced directly from the manufacturer/provider about products/services is valued more
  • Connect with the audience by featuring user-generated content

Effective channel for customer acquisition and monetization

  • Communicate ideas easily while building an emotional bond
  • Over 54% of consumers favor videos compared to other content from brands
  • Users are quick to share videos they like, boosting your organic reach
  • Scope for revenue generation for big and small businesses

Creator-friendly platform that is easy to set up

  • Turn your blogs/brochures/e-books into videos with Microsoft PowerPoint/online editing tools/by working with a professional
  • Focus on creating quality content as YouTube’s algorithm works on getting you visibility
  • Promote previously uploaded videos so you don’t have to keep adding fresh content

87% of video marketers say that videos have increased traffic to their website.

80% of video marketers claim that videos have directly increased sales.

Source: HubSpot, Wyzowl, 2020

The best part, it doesn’t cost you anything to create a channel. Decide on the content and start uploading.

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